Progress Measurements for Primary Students in the UK


What is important for every child in the school system no matter whether it is in the UK or other countries like the USA or Canada is the sats. What these are is the national curriculum tests. At one time as the SATs were reported on according to the level that the child was performing at where is now this has been changed to where scales are used for the scoring.

It is really important in the state school system and even with the private schools that the total curriculum is on par right across the board. This way the SATs can be measured according to the schools across the UK. While every subject in school is important there are the three that are considered to be the backbone for education which are reading, writing, and mathematics. Having a scoring system to judge how the children are faring in the school system is important because it can quickly identify if there are weaknesses in the curriculum rather than there being a flaw just in one school or one group of students.

Parents are very keen on knowing what the progress is being made with their children and it is important at that they understand the progress measurements that are being used. The UK has made sure that parents have the necessary information to be able to help them with this. The scores really helps determine how well a school is doing overall with the curriculum that they are expected to follow. For the parents and helps them know that the school that their child is attending is being scored and the parent’s privy to this.