Digital Learning and Primary Schools


It is not uncommon for parents to complain that their children are spending too much time on their electronics. Yet, even at the primary level digital learning has become part of the mainstream teaching. There is no doubt that the technology is playing an important role in the classroom.

While this is exciting and can be advantageous to the teacher it can also create a new challenge. Trying to learn the new technology themselves and integrate this with the students can be time -consuming for the teacher and there may be certain restrictions that are set upon the teacher according to the regulations involved in the school system itself. However, there is some flexibility that does allow for digital technology to be used and the children seem to adapt to it readily and for some, it may even enhance their learning experience

One of the challenges that come with this is that Internet connection such as Wi-Fi is necessary and the individual schools may not always have the budget to provide this. And of course on top of this is the equipment that that is needed such as computers and tablets, however, digital learning is progressing in the primary schools which to most this is a good thing.

Care has to be taken as to how much reliance is put on digital technology, but using it at the primary levels may help to prepare young students at this age as they progress through future levels within the school systems.