What is Technology Doing to Primary School Students?


Not all that long ago, parents were complaining that calculators were replacing the good old pen and paper for doing math. Now the technology that is available to children even at the primary school level has gone way beyond the calculator. It seems now what one finds in the backpacks of the young ones, is most likely to be some type of mobile device or even a laptop.

The Importance of Technology

Most think of technology as making life easier for them. One area where new technology, like that used by https://www.kry.care/ is critically important is when it deals with healthcare. This type of technology is much appreciated but it doesn’t answer the question as to whether technology in the classroom is a good thing or not.

Increase in Costs

One thing that is being noted in regards to introducing technology to UK classrooms is the increased costs that it can impose. Technology does not generally come cheap and the students need the resources for this to be readily available. This places the burden of cost on the school system which eventually trickles down to the taxpayers.

Potential Effects

Some studies are indicating that although the children themselves seem to be adopting the technology that is available to them, it could be affecting them in a negative way academically. Test results are slipping in subjects like math and reading as well as science and languages.

The Arguments

Those that are inclined to support technology in the classroom raise the argument that it is not the technology itself that is having a detrmental effect on the students. It is the way that the technology is being utilized by teachers and others in the classroom setting.

Why is the Technology Needed?

There can be no argument that once this young primary school students progress through the school system that they will not be continously exposed to more technology as it becomes available. Many believe that it is better for the children to become familiar with some of the basics of it now rather than later. That it may be too difficult for the kids to make the transition to a technology based classroom if they have only been exposed to a traditional setting.

What is the Technology Being Used?

Every school system is different but some of the ways technology is being used in the classroom: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/philip-kushmaro/3-ways-technology-is-resh_b_10127732.html] is that instead of reading books in the traditional way students are using e-readers. While reading skills are still being learned there are some that feel the children will not realize the importance of hardcopy books. Or that traditional libraries will become a thing of the past for them.