Home Education Vs Primary Schooling


When it comes to a child’s education, it means that parents have to think about planning not only for the present but the future. It all begins with the primary school years. At this stage, it is the parents who have to make the decisions. In the older school years, the kids can have their own input as well.

Home teaching or In Class

The UK is known for its excellent primary school systems as well as the other levels. However, there are still some parents who feel they want to give some thought to homeschooling. There are pros and cons to this which is known throughout the UK as home education.


There are some advantages that come with home education, otherwise there would not be as many parents that have opted for this. Some that it includes are:

  • Learning Flexibility: When a child is being taught at home the leaning schedule can be flexible. For example, if a child is not able to focus on math then they can switch over to another subject, and come back to this one later in the day. This is not an option in the primary school setting.
  • Greater Retention: When a child is being taught on a one to one basis, they tend to be more attentive because they are getting the attention they may want or need. Teachers in the school setting are not able to offer this opportunity.


While there are some good points concerning home education, there can be some things that are lacking or at the very least challenging.

  • Parental Difficulties: It can be difficult for the parents to take on the teaching role. The child may have difficulty viewing the parent in this role, and make it more difficult for the teaching parent.
  • Limited Socializing: Most home educated kids do not get the opportunity to socialize with the other children in the school setting. This is a different but important environment where children often learn from each other.
  • Boredom: Another potential pitfall to the home education scenario is that boredom can set in as it relates to the environment. The child’s school setting is the same as their living environment so they are not getting the chance to enjoy different atmospheres.

While there is the option for home education, a good number of parents feel that the primary school setting should be their first choice unless circumstances dictate otherwise.