Signs You Should Transfer Your Child From Their Primary School


The primary school a child goes to has a big impact on who they will become as adults. That is why parents must ensure that their children are going into a primary school that is providing them with both educational and social support. There will be days that a child will come home from school looking unhappy. That does not mean the school is horrible. It is probably your child learning to deal with the realities of life. But there are some signs you should look out for and definitely transfer the child. They include:

Child is Perpetually Sad

If every day, your child is unhappy and even depressed about the thought of school, something could be wrong. If all the stories they tell you about their experience in class is full of sadness, then your child is having a horrible time and you need to act. There have been children who ended their lives because they were being bullied. Do not allow it to reach that level with your child. Start by having a discussion with their teachers to understand what could be making the child unhappy and if a solution can be found. If it persists, it is time to transfer.

There is No Academic and Social Progress

If your child’s grades and grasp of subjects stop progressing, that could be a sign that either the child has detached, or the teaching has gone down. Monitor the child’s progress and pinpoint exactly when they started stalling. You should also look at the indicators of social growth, such as interest in extracurricular activities and the ability to make friends.

The Child is Not Safe

This could be the fact that the school’s location endangers them, or if there have been a lot of incidents happening in the school. Maybe it is your personal issues, such as going through a divorce and a spouse is threatening to kidnap the child.

Weigh your options and always consider the best interest of the child.