Homework at the Primary School Level


Parents of children that in the primary level of schools in the UK often wonder whether children of this age should be subjected to homework. Not all schools throughout the UK practice this but those in Wales and Scotland do.

The individual primary schools will have their own format for issuing homework at this can vary. Some parents may feel the children are too young for this, but it does have some benefits.

Usually, the amount of homework is minimal but it helps the parent to understand what the children are learning in school at any given time. This of course, is when the parent oversees the homework that has been assigned.

It also helps these young students prepare for future levels in the school system where they will be given a bigger workload when it comes to homework. The homework they are now given doesn’t consist much more of reading and perhaps some learning for spelling.

Quite often the students are given diaries for tracking their homework and to allow their parents to keep up to date with it. If parents feel that the homework is causing too much anxiety they can talk to the school.