Bullying in UK Primary Schools


Children that attend primary schools in the UK range between the ages of five to eleven. Kids of this age group are often cruel to each other on a verbal level. It should not be taken lightly. This is especially true when bullying has become a national concern.

Parents have to be astute as to whether their children are being bullied or if they are the bullies. In either case, this needs to be addressed even when it is taking place in the school setting. For parents of kids that are being bullied, it is important to work closely with the school to see what measures they have in place for bullying.

For parents of kids that are taking on the role of being a bully they too must work with the school to see how they can work with their child to change this behaviour. Parents should never become defensive or protect the child that is taking on the role of being a bully. They need to be taught and encouraged to change this behaviour. Supporting the school in their efforts to get a handle on this is a good step.