How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School


When children are ready to enter into the school system it is important that they are prepared for this. There are many things that the parents can do to help them with this.

School orientation

Parents have to decide on which of the primary schools their children are going to be enrolled in it. There will be an enrolment date for the children that are starting their first year of school. Ideally, the parents should check to see if there is an orientation session that might be taking place to help introduce both the parents and the children to the school setting.

Making friends

Parents can also put an effort into finding out who some of the other children may be that will be attending the same class as their child. When doing this, arrangements may be made for the children to be introduced to each other prior to school so that they feel that they have friends right from the very first day that they attend class.

Day care children

Many parents find that if their children have been in a daycare setting that is classed as preschool that it makes it much easier for the youngster when they are going into the primary school level.


Even though as a parent you may feel a little stressed at the thought of your young one going out to school for the first time, your child is going to feed off of your emotions. Make sure that whenever the subject of school comes up that it is in a positive manner, and encourage the youngster to feel as excited about attending school as you are about them doing so.

Handling the early issues

Some children simply do not adjust to the idea of attending school. If there are older children in the family encourage them to talk to the younger ones about the positive aspects of school. Quite often this will put an end to the fears that the young one may have about going to school.

Shopping for school

One of the ways to prepare the youngster for school that will soon be coming is to take them school shopping and allow them to buy and be part of the choosing of the necessary items that they will need for their first year.