Training for Primary School Teachers in the UK


Individuals that have decided to become teachers have to decide at what level of the educational system that they want to enter into. Those that choose to be primary school teachers really have to have a special character about them which includes having patience and the desire to teach young children as the primary age group ranges from 5 to 11.

At the state school primary level there will be two stages that the teacher may want to focus on for the career in teaching that they desire. This can be the stage I which teaches grades one and two and it takes in the age group of 5 to 7. The other is the level II in the primary age group of 7 to 11 teaching grades 3 to 6. This can vary slightly throughout the UK but is the general rule of thumb.

In order to qualify to teach at this grade level, again it will depend on the area of the UK but in general graduates will have to have their QTS or SPR for Scotland.

There are different ways that the student that wants to become a primary teacher can gain these credentials. It is important for those that are going to enter into this as a career choose the proper training and give it some serious thought as to be sure that this is what they want for their future.

It certainly can be rewarding but there are a lot of expectations that are put on the primary school teachers. Usually, their tasks do not end when the students are dismissed from class. There are several hours for preparation that are needed.